How much does 1 GB of mobile data cost in Eastern Europe in 2023?

Eastern Europe is one of the three regions with the lowest pricing for mobile data in the world, with an average cost of $1.27. The research was conducted by, which calculated the average cost of 1GB of mobile data from over 5,600 mobile data plans worldwide.

1GB of mobile data map

Tracking mobile data pricing in over 200 countries and territories across multiple 12-month periods has allowed to generate an overall average price of 1GB of data for the globe, and to see how this number changes over time.

  • In 2023, the average cost of 1 GB in the world has decreased to $2.61 (16.35% change from the results in 2022).
  • Israel continues to be offer the cheapest price for mobile data, with only $0.02 per 1 GB. And Zimbabwe has the most biggest pricing, with average cost per 1 GB reaching $43.75.

Eastern Europe

  • In the global ranking, Eastern Europe is placed third, with 15 countries tested paying on average $1.27 per 1 GB.
  • Within Eastern Europe, Ukraine offers the cheapest plans just for $0.27 per 1 GB, followed by Moldova ($0.28), Montenegro ($0.32), Poland ($0.37), and Romania ($0.54).
  • The Czech Republic is the most expensive in the region, with 1GB of data costing $3.12 on average.


  • The Baltics was placed in the sixth place, with 4 European countries paying $1.87 per 1 GB.
  • Estonia is the cheapest of the three with 1GB costing an average of $1.15 and sits in 107th place in the world, while in Lithuania 1GB costs $1.26 on average.
  • Latvia sits in the most expensive half of the table with an average of $3.21, and is the only country in the region whose pricing is greater than the global average of $2.59.