Latvian company Roibox is acquired by Jakala

Riga-based geospatial analytics company Roibox has successfully been acquired by Jakala, a specialists in marketing technology solutions and a company under Ardian Buyout, Labs of Latvia informs.

Roibox is acquired by Jakala
  • Founded in 2020 by Edvarts Gaigals and Jekabs Endzins, Roibox is a SaaS platform providing geospatial analytics for digital advertising purposes. The company combines its data expertise by using its core Grid Technology (thousands of data points) to provide several map-based solutions for different consumer types and needs.
  • The utilization of the geospatial data offers a completely new approach to media planning. It empowers brands across the globe by transforming valuable insights into actionable strategies on a large scale. According to Roibox, the solution can improve the advertising campaign performance by up to 30% and save the marketing team time.

“At Roibox, our mission is to help businesses around the world adopt and utilise geospatial analytics in their marketing, enabling greater marketing transparency and better return on investment. We share Jakala’s excitement about the growth of geospatial analytics, and we’re delighted to join forces with a group of people who not only share our passion for driving game-changing innovation in marketing services but will also help bring this technology to a far wider audience,”

Jēkabs Endziņš, CEO Of Roibox, comments.
  • The purchase of Roibox marks a major milestone for the Italian company Jakala, as it aligns with its goal of becoming the leading all-in-one marketing company globally. This acquisition brings new technologies and capabilities to their service portfolio.
  • The companies did not disclose the amount of the current deal. However, in June 2022, Roibox managed to secure a €2 million investment round led by BlackSheep Ventures.