CINDIE, streaming service acquires Ukrainian-founded startup Paus

CINDIE, a streaming service which operates in Latin America, has acquired Paus, UK-based web3-platform for the financing and distribution of films. One of Paus co-owners is from Ukraine, earlier the project had the office in Ukraine.

  • Founded in 2020, Paus offers technology that combines entertainment with Web3, to stream and monetise global film and TV content. It has a library of almost 2,000 titles and a network of 10,000 film producers. 
  • CINDIE buys the technology as well as the content that belonged to Paus. This deal will provide an opportunity to create a film content distribution business that will provide access to indie films on various platforms as well as through the blockchain. The amount of the deal is not disclosed.
  • Paus was founded by Rishi Kapoor that will join CINDIE’s board of directors.
  • Ukrainian Oleh Kurtyanik, the co-owner of the project, also holds the position of CTO. As Oleh explained to AIN.Capital, he joined the team when the startup was already incorporated. But he received a significant share in it (the second largest in the team after the CEO).

“I’m incredibly honoured to see Paus become part of CiND!E’s growing media empire. CiND!E is the perfect home for our business, our content library and our rich community. We are all very excited to see how the combined offering is going to accelerate the growth of their business, and stretch the boundaries of their creativity,”

Rishi Kapoor, founder and CEO of Paus said.
  • According to Oleh, the Paus team mostly works remotely, but part of the team are located in Ukraine.