Hypra Fund invests $10M in Trinetix, a Ukrainian-founded service company

The Hypra Fund has just made the largest transaction in its history and one of the largest in the local market. Managing partner of the fund Igor Pertsiya told the details to AIN.Capital.

Hypra Fund
Igor Pertsiya and Oleksandr Strozhemin. Image: Hypra
  • Hypra invested $10 million in the Trinetix company.
  • Trinetix is an international service company with Ukrainian founders. The company started its operations in 2011. The head and co-founder of the company is Oleksandr Strozhemin.
  • The company has more than 850 employees. Of them, 600 people are in Ukraine. Another 250 — globally, a significant part — in the United States. According to Strozhemin, in the US the company has Sales and Delivery teams

Hypra’s investment in Trinetix is one of the largest in terms of volume among service companies in the Ukrainian market, not only since the beginning of the full-scale war but also in general. The last deal was ten years ago, when Ciklum raised a round of similar amounts.

Another big round was during the last year when Miratech raised two rounds. The lead investors were the American fund investing in Ukraine, Horizon Capital, and IFC. According to AIN.Capital, the total amount was about $12 million.

This is the largest investment since Hypra’s inception. The fund had over $25 million under management. Its most recent disclosed deals include: Utorg, Boosty Labs, EvaСodes.

According to AIN.Capital, another large Ukrainian fund was also negotiating for a deal with Trinetix, however Hypra offered better conditions, not only from the financial point of view.

What’s next?

According to Strozhemin, Hypra’s investment will allow Trinetix to diversify technical talent, bring new customers, and meet business needs. The company also plans to triple its size in the next four years. If the forecast comes true, Trinetix will enter the top ten largest service companies in Ukraine.

As Pertsiya explains, the new investment is aimed at attracting customers in new markets and launching offices in new locations. First of all, we are talking about Latin America. “The team has already proved itself in the US and the EU.”

“I met the guys earlier and helped them create a new service blockchain company together with the founders and specialists from TechBand. That’s how Dexola appeared on the market,”

Pertsiya recalls.

Over time, the shared vision, ambitions, and goals led to the idea of creating a company that would not just generate profits, but could lead to large capitalization.

Hypra plans to invest up to $15M in a company

Pertsiya also said that the fund is still ready to close deals with large checks. The main focus is on the company’s prospects. The conditions, as the managing partner says, are quite obvious and understandable: international business, a healthy unit economy, implementation of a quality product. First of all, they are interested in projects in Web3.

“For a year now, Hypra has been targeting only private equity investments. We want to be there for companies and help them grow and achieve their highest goals, not just put money into businesses and hope that something succeeds.”

The plan is to invest $1 million to $15 million in the next year. In general, the fund is ready to invest up to $30 million.