Polish medtech startup IQ Biozoom secures seed capital led by VC Link

IQ Biozoom, Polish company developing technology for non-invasive body monitoring, has raised a fresh round of investment led by the VC Link fund. The company does not disclose the amount of funding, as the investment round is not closed yet, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2020, IQ Biozoom develops technology that enables testing of biomarker levels with laboratory accuracy based on saliva analysis. The technology allows for a completely non-invasive and painless testing, compared to, for example, invasive glucometers that are used to monitor glucose levels for people with diabetes.
IQ Biozoom
Image: IQ Biozoom Glucose test
  • Based on this technology, the company is also developing a biosensor device, manufactured using inkjet printing, which based on a design of advanced semiconductor devices, such as thin film transistors. The technology is not used commercially yet.
  • The financing came from the VC Link fund. The funds supports Polish companies developing breakthrough technologies with global potential. Its portfolio mainly includes entities developing highly advanced innovations for the industrial sector.
    • Although the amount of the deal is undisclosed, VC Link usually invests up to €220,000 (PLN 1 million) per startup.
  • Currently, IQ Biozoom is in its seed stage. After closing the round, the company plans to achieve implementation readiness for glucose and lactate tests, as well as obtain device certification.