Estonian agritech startup Paul-Tech raises €1.4M

Tallinn-based agritech startup Paul-Tech that gives farmers and land managers real-time insights to improve their soil management has raised a €1.4 million in a seed round to expand into the UK market. The investment was led by Estonian fund Superangel.

About the startup

Founded by Mikk PlakkTiit PlakkEve Plakk, and Anu Einberg, Paul-Tech offers a solution for monitoring fields soil-water condition. The solution allows farmers and crop growers to use more efficient management practices and to avoid overuse of fertilisers, nutrient-starved land, and unnecessary costs. 

  • The platform helps to see several types of data:
    • soil moisture content;
    • soil salinity (fertilizer) level, movement and leaching;
    • soil water availability to plants from drought to excessive moisture;
    • estimate bearing capacity of the fields;
    • soil temperature at different depths;
    • air temperature and RH on the field;
    • detect soil melted or frozen state in the winter.

“Our unique technology provides real-time insights into soil-based processes, enabling farmers to increase yield and reduce their ecological footprint. This is an important milestone for us, agriculture and the environment!”

  • All of the data is saved to its database and is viewable live in map view. Also there are graphs where each customer can see all history.
  • Paul-tech has a customer base of over 100 farmers in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and the UK.

The investors’ list:

  • Estonian fund Superangel, an early stage fund led by Ben Zises that invests in сonsumer (CPG, eComm SaaS), proptech & future of work. Recently, it co-led the round for Danish Coalescent Mobile Robotics, a provider of autonomous mobile robots for the retail industry.