Ukrainian ComeBack Mobility raises $500k from ZAS Ventures to expand in the USA

Ukrainian company ComeBack Mobility, which develops smart crutch tips, has raised $500,000 investment from ZAS Syndicate (part of ZAS Ventures Group). The startup also signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) for an additional $500,000.

  • ComeBack Mobility was founded by Ilya Popov and Liza Voronkova. It is a provider of weight-bearing service including mobile apps for doctors & patients. The startup also develops hardware devices Smart Crutch Tips to control weight-bearing after lower limb injuries.
  • The app analyzes how much load corresponds to the rehabilitation program. If the weight exceeds or fails to meet the prescribed weight-bearing status, the patient receives instant feedback to adjust the weight for the next step. Feedback is provided through light, sound, or vibration signals.

“My long recovery from a forearm fracture received at the boxing ring became a powerful signal for the development of an innovative healthcare solution. To reach this goal, I have launched ComeBack Mobility startup. Today, smart crutch tips serve its purpose to assist patients in maintaining correct partial weight-bearing. As CEO, I am proud to acknowledge that the device wins the hearts and minds of stakeholders with an enormous speed,”

Ilya Popov, CEO and co-founder of ComeBack Mobility, added.
  • In 2021, the startup already received $1 million in seed funding to develop its smart crutch tips.
  • This time, the lead investor in the ZAS Syndicate is Volodymyr Pirus, Chairman of the Board of the City Development Fund, whose investment portfolio includes helthtech startup bServed UM.
  • With the fresh funds, ComeBack Mobility plans to expand in the US market.