Helsinki-based Metacore Games acquires animation, illustration studio Piñata

Finland’s Metacore Games, a mobile game developer, has announced its acquisition of local animation and illustration studio PiñataHEL Oy, also known as Piñata, for an undisclosed amount. It will help strengthen Metacore’s position on European mobile game market.

About Metacore Games:

  • Metacore is a video game developer based in Helsinki. Its first game was Merge Mansion, launched in September 2020. Total Metacore Games mobile app revenue in September 2023 was $10 million, with 500,000 total mobile app downloads for Metacore Games. Metacore Games has a total of 12 apps.
  • In 2022, Metacore generated €129 million in revenue, with the team of 180 people. The company also secured €180 million in funding from gaming company Supercell, becoming a part of its portfolio.

The deal details:

  • Metacore and Piñata have been already working since the release of Metacore’s debut game, Merge Mansion. The acquisition enhances Metacore’s position as one of Europe’s rapidly growing mobile game companies known for crafting narrative-driven games. 
  • The deal price and details are not shared, but its known that Metacore purchased 100% of Piñata’s shares.

“We’ve worked with Piñata since Merge Mansion’s launch in 2020 – so yes, they’ve been our partner in crafting vivid storyboards and animations for iconic ads like “He is alive” and “House on Fire”. Our teams have worked so closely together that more often than not, it has felt like they’re already a part of our team,”

Mika Tammenkoski, CEO and co-founder of Metacore commented.
  • Helsinki-based Piñata specialises in delivering visual solutions to a different clients in the gaming, marketing and entertainment sectors, including TV, print, web and mobile.