Sigma Software Labs and USF announces UNICORN contest for startups from Ukraine and EU

Sigma Software Labs, the investment wing of Ukrainian venture capital firm Sigma Software, together with the Ukrainian Startup Fund (UFS) have launched UNICORN startup contest.

The application is open until November 1, 2023. To apply, fill out the form here.

  • UNICORN startup contest is organized by Sigma Software Labs, the investment wing of Sigma Software IT company, and Ukrainian Startup Fund, a state institution that helps innovative projects and startups raise funds. Ukrainian VC firm SID Venture Partners, together with Sigma Software University, are among co-organizers of UNICORN startup contest.
  • Startup from Ukraine and the EU that have raised no more than €500,000 are invited to participate. The organizers are primarily interested in b2b projects in the fields of adtech, AI, AR/VR, aviation, automotive, Big Data, blockchain, cyber security, edtech, fintech, and machine learning.
  • Projects that have any connections and/or work with counterparties from Russia and Belarus are not allowed to participate. In addition, the participation in UNICORN is entirely free.
  • The application period is from October 9 to November 1. The final demo day will be on December 1.

The competition will include educational webinars, networking events, and project pitches. In particular, there will be:

  • a two-week training program on how to build a startup and avoid common mistakes;
  • educational and networking events;
  • pitching opportunities;
  • no-equity grants of 2 x €1,000 and 1 x €3,000.