Wudpecker, Finnish startup tackling organizational knowledge fragmentation raises €330k

Helsinki-based startup Wudpecker, that develops speech recognition software, has raised €330,000 in a pre-seed funding led by Trind Ventures, with participation from Accelerace and Sofokus Ventures. The funding round was initiated on Slush’s year-round Node by Slush platform.

  • Wudpecker is a startup founded by Ankur Dahama, Joona Jokivuori, and Hai Ta with a mission to combat the challenges of information fragmentation and knowledge loss in the digital age. It develops an AI-driven tool that empowers professionals to efficiently extract critical information from various sources, including notes, files, emails, and online meetings.

“Wudpecker is not merely an information tool; it’s a nexus where AI elevates organizational knowledge, anchoring data from myriad platforms into a singular, intelligent hub. A space where critical information is not merely stored but intuitively discovered and exploited,”

Ankur Dahama, CEO & co-founder of Wudpecker added.
  • The company claims its technology is designed to help individuals and organizations overcome the significant time and productivity losses associated with searching for crucial data. Currently, Wudpecker is focused on pioneering a system that extracts notes and actionable items from online meetings, serving as a knowledge repository.

The list of investors in the current round:

  • Trind Ventures, a seed-stage venture fund focusing on European software startups with a consumer or community component, is behind the fresh capital infusion. Recently, it led the investment for Swedish SaaS startup Your.Rentals.
  •  Accelerace, a Denmark-based business development organization, provides training, funding, and business development services for startups. Since 2008, Accelerace has supported more than 900 startups, and have made over 70+ pre-traction investments.
  • Sofokus Ventures, Finnish capital and digital competence based investment instrument featuring two programs: Digital Heart Capital and Sofokus Push.

Wudpecker will use the funding for the additional development of its product, facilitating ongoing enhancements, and the expansion of the AI-driven knowledge management platform.