Ukrainian InSoft.Partners invests in the IT company Vakoms

Kyiv-based software development holding InSoft.Partners has informed AIN.Capital about the investment in Vakoms, a company specializing in IoT and Embedded. Its the seventh investment for InSoft.Partners since the beginning of the full-scale war.

  • Vakoms has been operating since 2010. The company primarily provides IT consulting and development services in the IoT and Embedded niches. The company has 130+ employees in three offices in Ukraine, Poland, and Switzerland.
  • InSoft.Partners buys stakes in IT companies, then gets involved in their operations to maximize growth. Strategically, InSoft.Partners helps with transformations of companies for their scaling and in conducting M&A deals.
  • Among the recent projects of InSoft.Partners are the investment in Poland-founded IT company Digis and acquiring a stake in Noltic.

“The offer of cooperation with InSoft strategically coincided with our vision of the company’s future. I am convinced that the existing developments in the InSoft ecosystem will open new opportunities for the development of Vakoms. An important factor for the partnership was open communication for a long time and the opportunity to see concrete examples. This will be a new stage in our company,”

Pavlo Peleh, CEO and co-founder of Vakoms commented.
  • The parties didn’t disclose the size and details of the agreement. It is known that managemet team of the company has not changed.