Bulgarian NV3 invests €200K in local Ancestral Superfoods

Sofia-based New Vision 3 (NV3) has announced an investment of €200,000 in a Bulgarian foodtech Ancestral Superfoods. This investment includes contributions from over 12 angels and will help to accelerate Ancestral’s development of functional foods and dietary supplements.

  • Ancestral Superfoods was co-founded by Jivko Djamiarov, Elena Gerganova, and Georgi Gerganov, specializes in the development of health-enhancing “live and functional” foods, leveraging natural processes. The startup claims that its products supports the gut health, brain function, immune health, and boost metabolism.
  • The main ingredients of AncestralSuperfoods’ complex include ProViotic – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and selected combinations of wild-growing fruits and sprouted seeds. All products are raw and organic certified.
  • The lead investor is the current round is NV3, Bulgarian venture capital firm that invests in startups and growth-stage companies in fintech, AI, blockchain, and shared economy. In H1 2022, AIN.Capital recognized it as one of the most active Bulgarian VC funds.

“We are deeply inspired by Ancestral Superfoods’ remarkable achievement of gaining traction in nine diverse markets, including the competitive UK sector. The fervor and commitment of their team are truly exceptional, and it’s evident that the founders are on a passionate quest to enhance people’s health.”

Jordan Stoyanov, Partner at NV3
  • This investment is part of a larger funding round that includes contributions from over 12 angel investors. The funding will accelerate Ancestral’s mission to develop functional foods and dietary supplements.