Czech-founded KKCG acquires Avenga, an IT platform with a large office in Ukraine

The European investment and innovation group KKCG acquired the IT company Avenga. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. The company told AIN.Capital the news on December 15, 2023.

  • Avenga is a comprehensive software development and consulting platform for funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. and funds managed by Cornerstone Investment Management, L.P.
  • The company focuses on digital transformation and development of specialized software and has more than 3,800 specialists. Its headquarters is located in Germany, but it has offices in 31 countries around the world with a large offices in Ukraine (over 1,500 employees) and in Poland.
  • Thanks to the acquisition, KKCG plans to strengthen its position in the European technology market.

KKCG is an investment and innovation company specializing in the lottery and gaming industries, energy, technology, as well as real estate. It was founded by Czech entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Karel Komarek. KKCG employs more than 10,000 people in 36 countries around the world and has a total value of assets under management of more than €8 billion.

Avenga is an international IT company founded in 2019 by the merger of the Ukrainian-American CoreValue with IT Kontrakt, Sevenval, and Solidbrain. The company offers services in strategy development, customer experience work, development of solutions, and other software products. In 2021, Avenga announced the addition of Perfectial to its platform. After the merger, the number of specialists in Avenga grew to more than 3,500.