Quantum Systems prepares to open R&D center in Ukraine

The German UAVs manufacturer Quantum Systems is creating a separate R&D center in Ukraine and plans to hire specialists there, DOU reports with reference to Country Chief Operational Officer of the company Oleksandr Berezhnyi.

  • Quantum Systems is an aerial data intelligence company that provides multi-sensor data collection products to government agencies and commercial customers. The company deploys its drones like Vector reconnaissance drones to the battlefield, allowing to test its AI and swarming technologies in real-life conditions. 
  • So far, the company has provided around 152 drones to Ukraine with the help from the German government.

In late October, 2023, Quantum Systems secured €63.6M to build R&D center in Ukraine. Now the company is gearing up towards the goal, joining the Diia City portal, a special “economic zone” for taxation, legislation, and employment benefits tailored for local and foreign tech firms in Ukraine.

About the R&D center

The center will start with producing spare parts for its Vector drones in 2024, followed by assembling complete drones within a few years. The company is looking to hire Ukrainian specialists.

“The Ukrainian R&D unit will grow, it will combine software and hardware engineering. To implement these plans, we have leased several thousand square meters of space for our manufacturing, research, and development team. We plan that approximately 40 specialists will work on this project,”

Oleksandr Berezhnyi said.

The company is looking for software and hardware engineers for its Ukrainian team, with priorities in the following areas:

  • development and integration of interference-resistant CRPA antennas (Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna),
  • improvement of data transmission channels,
  • application of artificial intelligence for target recognition and optical navigation,
  • creation of additional functions at the request of the Armed Forces or drone operators.

Back in the spring of 2023, the company opened a Service, Support, Training, and Logistics Center in Ukraine, where Ukrainians are currently trained to operate its Vector drones.