Global BPO company Helpware acquires eTeam. Both have major teams in Ukraine

Helpware, a technology-driven American outsourcing company, has announced the acquisition of eTeam, a digital product development agency. The deal marks a strategic development in Helpware’s Digital Business Transformation initiative. 

  • Founded in 2015 by Oleksandr TereshchenkoAndy Steuer, and Robert Nash, Helpware is a BPO company, offering a comprehensive range of services, including customer support, AI operations, back office, content moderation for companies across multiple industries.
  • Helpware has a global team that is headquartered in Lexington, KY. In addition, the company operates from 18 locations in 10 countries, mainly Ukraine, Mexico, the Philippines, and Germany.

“The addition of eTean marks a key step in our ability to operationalize emerging technologies. As always, we differentiate by focusing on measurable aspects in customer and consumer experiences. We now have all the right resources to both consume and deploy the best in DevOps and Emerging Tech/AI in a way that preserves our industry-leading client, member, consumer, and customer satisfaction measures,”

Oleksandr Tereshchenko, COO of Helpware, commented on the deal.
  • eTeam is a digital product agency established by two Ukrainians Oleksandr Menzheres and Victor Grytsai. The agency offers solutions in software development, modernization, cloud solutions, big data/AI, and technology consulting. eTeam is focused on different types of businesses, from VC-backed startups to global companies.
  • The exact amount of the deal is undisclosed. This acquisition will be used for development in Helpware’s Digital Business Transformation initiative to empower a future where technology and human expertise are combined to create unparalleled customer and employee experiences.