Ukrainian-founded startup JobCannon raises $500k in a pre-seed round

Ukrainian-British startup JobCannon has raised $500,000 in a new pre-seed funding round from Whitehill Capital, with the backing of the World Bank, which has influenced its rapid development. The startup shared the details with AIN.Capital.

About JobCannon

  • JobCannon was founded in 2022 by Peter Kolomiets and Andrii Cherednichenko. Since its launch, it has quickly grown from a small team to a company of 35 specialists who are revolutionising recruitment as a technology and changing the way we look at the ideology of the process itself.

“We are focusing on improving recruitment. Investment from VCs and the World Bank demonstrates our commitment to development. Our investor is helping us to enter the global market of corporate recruiting, which has long been in need of significant process reformatting and improvement,”

Peter Kolomiets, CEO and founder of JobCannon, says.
  • In order to make the job search and recruitment of professionals more effective and to minimise errors, the JobCannon team decided to integrate the technical advantages of AI into the algorithm of their system. Their main goal is to simplify the job search and find ideal candidates for employers.
  • In addition, the startup is implementing a single assessment for all positions to facilitate the selection of individual skills and talents.

“We’re creating a product that celebrates the uniqueness of people and their abilities. That is the purpose of our business. The hiring algorithms that everyone is used to no longer work for companies or people. The technology created at JobCannon is a logical response to these changes. Objectively, in the recruitment market, each party is looking for a perfect match and we provide that opportunity,”

Andrii Cherednichenko, marketing director and co-founder, adds.

Who invested?

JobCannon has secured pre-seed funding from Whitehall Capital. Whitehall Capital is a UK-based company specialising in asset backed bridge financing managed by proven real estate experts.

What’s next?

JobCannon’s strategic development began with the acquisition of a well-known recruitment agency in Israel – Digital Hunters. This move expanded the company’s operations and enabled the integration of its SaaS product with the successful experience of a recruitment agency.

The company will use the capital to fund the further development of its SaaS product with the implementation of artificial intelligence.