Ward 24/7 receives €3.4M from Finnish Innovestor among others

Innovestor, a Finnish investment company, has joined €3.4 million for Copenhagen-based medtech Ward 24/7. Sagitta Ventures, a number of Danish business angels, and the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) also participated.

  • Ward 24/7 is a Danish startup, established in 2016. The company creates Wireless Assessment of Respiratory and circulatory Distress (WARD), an AI-based solution for monitoring patients and their vital signs (heart/lung functions) and reducing the risk of complications through machine learning algorithms in a Clinical Support System (CSS).
  • Ward allows doctors and nurses to follow patients’ acute medical disease progression or postoperative course. The generation of real-time alarms will immediately alert relevant health care staff to allow initiation of treatment much earlier.

We are very impressed with the ward 24/7 team’s progress. In addition to new funding, they have recently received the EU Medical Device Regulation certificate, which allows them to market their solution throughout the EU,

Innovestor’s team commented.

The startup has recently received CE marking documents that a medical equipment meets the current EU requirements. Ward 24/7 is one of the first Danish startups within medtech with such a certification.
The certification means that Ward 24/7’s AI-technology can be marketed freely to the health sector within the EU.

The list of investors:

  • Sagitta Ventures, a Danish investor in early stage companies primarily in the Nordics and Northern Europe.
  • Innovestor, a Helsinki-based investment company focusing on venture capital, commercial real estate, and corporate venturing. In December 2023, Innovestor launched €30 million angel co-fund to support Finnish startups.