Czеchia’s Better Stack secures $10M from KAYA VC for its growth

Better Stack, a company focused on providing DevOps observability solutions, has secured $10 million in funding from the Prague-based KAYA VC and several business angels. The funding will be used for Better Stack’s future growth and expansion.

About Better Stack

  • The startup was co-founded in 2021 by Veronika Kolejak and Juraj Masar. Now, it has an international team across the Czech Rеpublic, Slovakia, and Romania, but also in the US, UK, Canada, Colombia, Netherlands, and Rwanda.
Better Stack
Better Stack team. Image: Better Stack
  • Better Stack develops a platform which provides DevOps solutions for monitoring, logging, and incident management from multiple data sources. It introduces collaborative dashboards to transform infrastructure monitoring. Specifically designed for engineering teams, the platforms aim to utilize SQL for data querying.
  • As of 2024, according to the company, Better Stack is used by over 200,000 developers and 4,000 customers, such as Time Magazine, Salesforce, ESET, Accenture, Decathlon, and Rakuten, as well as startups like Brave, Hugging Face, Apollo, and Drata, with non-profits such as Unicef and Raspberry Pi.

Take 10 engineers off the street and ask them: are you fluent in Datadog Query Language, New Relic Query Language, AWS CloudWatch Query Language, PromQL, LogQL… and 9 out of 10 will say no. But every engineer knows SQL, which is why with Better Stack, we’re making it the querying standard for software observability. And this is just one of the decisions we made that makes us ‘just work out’ for so many engineers,

Veronika Kolejak, Better Stack COO and co-founder, said.
  • The fresh investment was led by KAYA VC, a Czechia-based venture capital firm investing in founders from Central and Eastern Europe, predominantly thе Czech Rеpublic, Poland, Slovakia, and their diaspora. KAYA manages over $250 million in assets across 4 funds.
  • Angel investors Aaron Levie (CEO at Box) and Kulpreet Singh (ex-UiPath) also participated in the round.
  • In 2022, Better Stack was also backed by KAYA along with Creandum, Susa Ventures, K5 Global, Credo, and Lachy Groom among others, raising $18.6 million in Series A.

Better Stack will the fresh funding to fuel its future growth and expansion.