With 27.15%, Java overtook JavaScript (19.17%), as the most in-demand technology — DevSkiller 2023 report

DevSkiller has published a continuation to its annual report about global trends in managing and assessing technical skills in 2024, the most sought-after skills are still Java, JavaScript, and SQL. Among soft skills, effective communication and a willingness to continuously learn are important.

The report is based on the data collected from thousands of daily users of the DevSkiller platform. AIN.Capital shares the key insights of the report.

The most popular technologies in 2024

Java will remain the most popular technology in 2024. With 27.15%, Java overtook JavaScript (19.17%), the most in-demand technology, according to the 2023 report. SQL finished 3rd with 8.59% of all assessments. The 4th and 5th positions are Python (8.01%) and NET/C# (6.92%).

Images: DevSkiller

This trend shows Java’s rising dominance and the industry’s continuous adaptation to changing technological demands and innovations.

Scala is the fastest growing technology

Regarding the fastest-growing technology on the DevSkiller platform, Scala is a clear winner this year
with 166.25% growth. Last year’s first place Blockchain lost one ranking and is now second on the list
with 120.74% growth. Given the growing importance of Big Data, it’s no surprise that Scala is on the rise as it powers the data engineering of many companies.

Jira is the most popular overall skill in 2024

In the 2024 soft skill landscape, “Jira” is the leading skill on the DevSkiller platform, 15.31% employees used it. The next one is “Problem Solving” (12.53%), showing its significant role in professional competencies.

In the third place is “Git” with 8.00%, which indicates its important role in the development of modern software. “Confluence” and “Effective Communication” also occupy important places with 7.27% and 7.20%, respectively.

Tech candidate behavioral insights

In 2023, the most frequently acquired skill was agility. This indicates a growing demand for a flexible and adaptive approach to project management in the technology industry. In second place is effective communication with a score of 16.12%, underscoring its indispensable role in nowadays work environment, and broadly understood innovation remained at a high level of 15.16%.

In addition, to tech and behavioral skills, English language skills and data analysis reached 13.26%, reflecting their significant role in the global business world and data-driven decisions.

This diverse range of acquired skills indicates the changing nature of professional requirements in the technology industry, where an increasingly important aspect is the combination of technical, communicative, and innovative competencies.

About DevSkiller

DevSkiller is a Warsaw-based HR technology company specializing in scaling, managing, and developing employee skills. The company provides the platform consisting of two main components: TalentScore and TalentBoost.