Ukrainian company Petcube introduces a GPS tracker for pets

Ukrainian product company Petcube has presented its first GPS tracker for pets. Andriy Klen, co-founder and design director at Petcube, shared the news in his Facebook.

  • This wearable collar device connects to mobile networks, collects data and gives updates on your pet’s location, routes, activity goals straight in the app.
Petcube GPS Tracker on a dog
Petcube GPS Tracker. Image: Petcube
  • With the help of the tracker, you can set up virtual fences, safe zones and get alerts if your buddy ventures too far.
  • The Petcube GPS Tracker sports an LED light, a special beeper for extra cues. It is packed in a IP67-certified durable water-resistant body and wrapped up in a flexible silicon case that glows in the dark.

With the new device, Petcube is evolving beyond cameras and continues to build a holistic platform for modern parents, where hardware, data, and content meet. Pet parenting is better with tech,

Andriy Klen commented.

In November 2023, the company launched a new generation of compact cameras for animals, the Petcube Cam 360.