Petcube’s co-founder Yaroslav Azhnyuk is building a robotics company

Petcube‘s co-founder and board chairman Yaroslav Azhnyuk is building a new company called The Fourth Law which delves into the development of autonomy modules for robotic systems, Aznyuk shared on his Linkedin page.

  • The work on The Fourth Law began a couple of months ago. The founder, Yaroslav Azhnyuk, also assumed the position of CEO.
  • The first product is aimed at solving one of Ukraine’s most pressing defense needs – the development of an autonomy module for FPV quadcopter drones.
  • According to Azhnyuk, he’s been following this area for the past year and a half, and only recently held a number of meetings with some two dozen teams and engineers working in this space.

Complete autonomy means that the system does the same as it currently does with a pilot, but without a pilot as well as faster, better, and more accurately. It is also programmable. This radically changes both the tactics of using [FPV drones – ed.] and their capabilities,

Yaroslav Azhnyuk said in a comment to AIN.Capital.

At the moment, Azhnyuk does not reveal details about The Fourth Law, but he is already looking for people to join the team — in particular, engineers and drone pilots.

Why is it important?

Ukraine’s defense tech industry is currently on the rise due to the necessity for innovations to hold back the Russian army. This search to outperform the enemy has lead to a boom of defense tech startups and initiatives like Swarmer, Brave1, D3, Aerodrone, and many others. The Fourth Law will likely try to become another company that aims to improve on the UAV technology that is changing the face of this war.