Lithuania’s Axiology raises €2M from Сoinvest Capital and Baltic Sandbox

Lithuanian fintech startup Axiology has secured a €2 million investment round co-led by Coinvest Capital and Baltic Sandbox Ventures. The startups is set to enhance the EU capital markets for businesses and individual investors.

  • Axiology develops a platform for tokenized securities that facilitates the trading of stocks or bonds using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This innovative framework will make it easier than ever for businesses to issue, deposit and account for tokenized sustainable financial instruments – securities, tokenized offerings, ESG derivatives and more.
  • The Axiology core founding team consists of Andrius Bartminas, Marius Jurgilas, Andrius Mamontovas, and Andrius Kašuba. The startups was founded in 2023 and is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The fresh capital came from two Baltic VCs and several accredited private investors:

  • Coinvest Capital, an evergreen sovereign VC fund, co-investing up to €1,6 million per startup at early-to-series-A stages, along with business angels and other private or corporate VC funds. Currently, the fund has €13.8 million of capital for new investments, AUM (assets under management) of €25.5 million, and 32 portfolio companies, including two exits.

We’ve been impressed by the caliber of the founding team, their expertise in the financial markets, and their ability to explain very complicated challenges and solutions. The ambition of Axiology’s founders to enable safe, efficient, and affordable access to the capital markets, matching companies and investors, makes an excellent fit with the Fund’s mandate to foster the development of the financing ecosystem and fill market gaps,

Viktorija Trimbel, Managing Director at Coinvest Capital, said.
  • Baltic Sandbox Ventures, an early-stage VC and Business Development Lab focused on Baltic founders building deep tech and life science solutions.
  • A group of accredited private co-investors which contributed with Coinvest capital a combined €1.59 million, including the fund’s share of 0.47 million. 

The investment will be used for the development of a fully functional, regulatory-compliant alternative capital market infrastructure. This initiative positions Axiology as one of the first tokenized financial securities infrastructures in the EU.