Ukrainian entrepreneur Yaroslav Azhnyuk is launching a company to produce FPV drones

Ukrainian entrepreneur and chairman of the board of Petcube Yaroslav Azhnyuk has announced the launch of Odd Systems. It is a manufacturing company specializing in sports FPV quadcopters and components.

  • One of the first components will be a thermal imaging camera that will enable nighttime flights. Those interested will be able to buy it for just $270/each, much cheaper than the available analogs. Over time, the price will be reduced many times over. You can already place your pre-order on the website.

“As many of us know, the Ukrainian sports FPV copter industry has experienced explosive growth in recent years. Thousands of people have taken up this new sport, and tracks are being laid all over the country. Together with my friends and partners at Petcube, we couldn’t help but join in to make Ukraine a world leader in FPV racing,”

Yaroslav Azhnyuk comments.
  • Odd Systems aims to make Ukraine a world leader in this “sport”. The team of the company already has extensive experience in logistics, supplier relations, electronics mass production, quality control, capital raising, product cost reduction, scale management, and R&D.

The company is eager to work with investors and idea enthusiasts. Currently, Odd Systems is looking for talented people to join its team:

  • operations director;
  • general director / CEO;
  • drone assemblers.

Earlier this year, Yaroslav Azhnyuk announced another company called The Fourth Law, which would delve into the development of autonomy modules for robotic systems.