Finland’s Desentum raises €12M to advance allergy vaccine development

Desentum, a Finnish biopharmaceutical company, has raised €12 million in a funding round led by an investment service company Springvest Oyj. Desentum intends to use the fresh capital to continue clinical development and preclinical testing of various allergy vaccines.

  • Founded in 2011, Desentum is a biopharmaceutical company based in Espoo, Finland. It is specialized in developing a novel type of allergen immunotherapy based on switching the immune system’s response to allergens from hypersensitivity to tolerance by utilizing modified hypoallergens.
  • The hypoallergens are biotechnologically produced, modified allergen proteins aimed for improving the efficiency of allergen immunotherapy while also reducing the time required for treatment. Desentum’s lead product candidate, birch pollen hypoallergen DM-101PX is currently being evaluated in a clinical study in Canada.

We have executed several funding rounds with Springvest. Their operating model is efficient and saves our time. It would not be possible for us to approach such a large number of investors on our own. Over the years, Springvest has developed into a full investment service company that can also attract larger investors,

Pekka Mattila, CEO of Desentum, commented on the investment.
  • In January 2024, Desentum initiated a funding round carried out by a Finnish investment service company Springvest Oyj. The public offering was fully subscribed in a few weeks, producing €12 million of new capital.
  • The fresh capital will enable the birch pollen allergy vaccine to go through the next clinical study. The funds will also be used for bringing the next allergy vaccine candidate to clinical readiness.