Dutch Stellantis acquired CloudMade, an AI company with a team in Ukraine

The Dutch car manufacturing corporation Stellantis has acquired CloudMade, a British AI company with a team operating in Ukraine, which has software developments for its vehicles. The amount of the deal is not disclosed, but according to sources, the deal may amount to “several million dollars”.

Stellantis announced the purchase of the AI company on its website on January 24. Following the deal, 44 engineers and developers from CloudMade, who are engaged in the development of AI technologies, will join the Stellantis. CloudMade founder and CTO Jim Brown said they were “extremely pleased” with the deal.

Why does Stellantis need CloudMade?

“The acquisition of CloudMade will accelerate the development of STLA SmartCockpit and help achieve Dare Forward 2030 goals,” Yves Bonnefon, Chief Software Officer at Stellantis, said.

Thanks to this adaptable technology and leveraging our growing connected car parc, we will create intelligent mobility solutions faster and with more flexibility, to delight our customers with in-vehicle and mobile experience personalization.

Services and products will include:

  • Predictive maintenance and diagnostics to proactively identify and schedule maintenance needs and provide alerts, thus enhancing vehicle availability.
  • Personalized in-car experiences able to adapt to individual preferences such as climate control, driving style coaching and entertainment options.
  • Stellantis-specific voice assistant enhanced with custom automotive skills to advise on car features, answer model-specific queries and optimize voice routing.
  • Optimized mobile experience and remote commands such as pre-trip planning, battery preconditioning and other proposed activities, based on frequent driver’s behavior.
  • Advanced navigation and mapping that will provide up-do-date maps, real-time traffic information and intelligent routing, thus improving the overall navigation experience and help customers reach their destination more efficiently.
  • Targeted features for fleet management,which will allow business customers to optimize delivery schedules, reduce travel time and resource utilization, increase productivity and EV performance, and, ultimately, facilitate the monitoring and management of the overall fleet.

The Stellantis auto manufacturer corporation unites such car brands as Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot, etc. Before the current deal, Stellantis acquired the Budapest-based software developer for artificial intelligence and autonomous driving aiMotive. The amount of the deal was not disclosed either.