AceON Accelerator launches Spring program of 2024: best startups can get investment capital

Prague-based AceON Accelerator has announced the start of its Spring Accelerator 2024 program, where early-stage startups can go through an international 2-month intensive training and individual support from AceON. The best winning startups can even get investment funds, AceON shared with AIN.Capital.

Tech startups are invited to apply to the Spring Accelerator 2024 that starts on March 21 and ends with a pitch event – Demo Day – at the end of May.

What can the startups get?

  • As starting a technology company is a difficult challenge, AceON team set for themselves the goal to bring an international 2-month intensive program to founders, which is full of lectures with experts, on valuation, finance, developing MVP, pitching tips, term sheet, marketing, ESOP, and more.
  • Furthermore, participants will have an opportunity to ask mentors for advice regarding, for example, software development, financial planning, fundraising, etc.
  • AceON Accelerator is also an investor and can offer money to the best who will finish the program and meet the accelerator’s criteria. The amount of this investment is undisclosed, but the Autumn program offered up to €70,000 for startups.

Who can apply?

AceON seeks to support startup founders who aren’t afraid of challenges and hard work, are flexible,
and understand that to build a successful startup they need to find out what their customers really
want and accept the fact that the market changes constantly. What they look for:

  • teams from Czechia, Slovakia, or Romania,
  • committed teams or solo founders hungry for success,
  • software or non-software solutions with a strong problem proposition,
  • a scalable product with the potential for rapid growth in the global market,
  • startups mainly in the pre-seed stage, but also idea-stage startups with a proven