Ukrainian startup HOMErs raises €500k funding from angels investors

Ukrainian startup HOMErs has raised €500,000 in a fresh funding from a personal network of angel investors. The startup is building fully furnished modular homes for Ukrainians who lost their dwellings, Sifted reports.

  • HOMErs was founded in 2022 as the response to housing shortage just after Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine. The company is building modular homes which are made of galvanized steel, fully furnished, movable and flexible.
  • Small simple three-unit fully furnished home in Kyiv costs $20,000 on a non-profit basis, going up to €70,000. The startup has already built 80 modular homes, most of them around Kyiv, for displaced Ukrainians. The largest house HOMErs has built so far has 18 units.
  • HOMErs
  • The startup has just launched a new factory in Slovakia and is hoping for the fresh financing to help ramp up the production and global sales.
  • HOMErs is aiming to manufacture up to 100 houses this year and to double the number in 2025. In five years, the company plans to be on track to build 1000 houses per year.