Ukrainian startup studio Empat Launches Third Iteration of its Tuition-Free School

Empat School is a totally free online learning platform for students studying technical subjects, launched by Empat. The programme trains skilful and adaptable Full Stack experts who are well-rounded in Frontend, Backend, and Flutter. 

This course targets IT students with a foundation in programming basics, algorithmization, and OOP comprehension, yet it’s open to motivated and talented  learners regardless of their background. The selected students started their studies on 22 February. This marks the third launch of the program. In the previous year, Empat saw the graduation of 20 students from the Flutter Fundamentals program, focusing primarily on Flutter technology. Collaboration opportunities were extended to seven of them by the company.

We have a strong technical team and more than ten years of experience working with startups – I think we should share this. In addition, we’ve had some great and talented engineers join us from previous recruitments,” says Nazar Gulyk, founder of Empat.

Empat boasts a diverse technical team with over a decade of experience in startup environments. The team is strongly committed to sharing their expertise with eager students. 

The comprehensive three-month program includes online lectures, weekly mentorship sessions across various disciplines, and independent assignments. Mentors provide crucial support, offering feedback and guidance to students on a weekly basis. Upon completion, participants will showcase their skills through the execution of an individual project.

This year, Empat School introduces two new programs: Web Development and Mobile Application Development. These tracks offer hands-on experience in creating websites and mobile apps, emphasizing practical skills and real-world projects to prepare graduates for successful careers in tech. Additionally, students will have the chance to join Empat as trainees, further enhancing their professional journey.

Empat is a Ukrainian startup studio with more than 10 years of experience in the Ukrainian and global markets. Over 300 successfully implemented commercial projects. Participation in more than 10 non-commercial Ukrainian projects.

Empat School is a school founded by the Ukrainian startup studio Empat. It offers free education for students in technical fields from the 2nd year onwards. The program is founded on lectures delivered by Serhii Tytenko, CTO at Empat, who conducts these lectures at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and is integrated into the real cases of a modern IT company. After completing the course, students receive a certificate from Empat, and selected individuals have the opportunity for employment in the company.