ZAKA VC invests in Eigen Therapeutics, an American biotech company

Czech family office ZAKA VC has announced an investment in Eigen Therapeutics, an American biotech company poised to redefine precision cancer treatment. The exact amount of the deal was left undisclosed.

  • Founded in 2021 by Transon NguyenKathryn Vanderlaag, and Kamran Ali, Eigen Therapeutics is on a mission to revolutionize cancer treatment. The startup addresses the precision and specificity gaps in traditional therapies, like chemotherapy, which often lacks distinguishment between healthy and cancerous cells, leading to severe side effects and targeted therapies.
Eigen Therapeutics Team. Image: ZAKA VC
  • Eigen’s platform enhances the effectiveness of existing therapies, such as immunotherapy and antibody treatments, by priming cancer cells. Their innovative technology increases the levels of proteins targeted by therapies, expanding the range of susceptible cancer cells. This can lead to increased effectiveness while battling cancer.

We are genuinely impressed by Eigen Therapeutics and their remarkable progress. Since December 2022, they have accomplished significant milestones, showcasing both vision and speed. Notably, their collaboration with top Silicon Valley funds underscores the caliber of their approach,

Jan Kasper, Managing Partner at ZAKA VC, commented on the round.
  • ZAKA VC invested in the company. It is a Prague and Bratislava-based family office focused on pre-seed and seed investments all across EU. The investment in Eigen Therapeutics marks the fund’s eighths deal in the biotech sector, following recently announced rounds in ExcepGenSensible Biotechnologies, and Olio Labs.