Finland’s Tesi exits Ultimate, a Finnish AI company

Tesi (officially Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) has announced its exit from Ultimate, a Finnish AI company, following its initial investment which was made in 2023. The acquiring party is Zendesk, a global customer experience (CX) software company.

  • With the acquisition, Zendesk complements its own service offering with Ultimate’s leading AI solutions for customer experience and support, which, among other things, enhance customer experience and improve the efficiency of customer service.

Ultimate transitions to ownership where strategic synergies are realized excellently, and the company’s work is valued. It is great to see how one example of Finnish expertise in AI enters the global market supported by bigger companies. We wish both parties success in the future,

Juha Lehtola, Director of Tesi’s Venture Capital team, on the exit.
  • In January this year, Zendesk has made an acquisition in the Estonian market, with the AI startup Klaus enabling Zendesk to deliver consistent service across every channel.