Estonian UX copilot Flowstep receives a €1M grant from Enterprise Estonia

Flowstep, a Tallinn-based UX copilot that helps users create better designs, has received a €1 million grant from Enterprise Estonia. The grant will help to accelerate the development of its AI and Design research efforts.

Co-founders Svyatoslav Polishchuk, Matt Clannachan, and Kaarel Roben. Image: Flowstep
  • Co-founded by two Estonians Kaarel Roben and Matt Clannachan, Finn Sami Nieminen, and Ukrainian Svyat Polishchuk in 2022, Flowstep provides a UX library, consisting of recordings and screenshots of top applications such as Airbnb, Klarna, and Spotify. The company claims its solution helps users analyze these applications and design their own products faster.

Any creative process starts with imagination. The difficult part is turning it into something material. To achieve that today, designers have to adapt to the tools at their disposal, rather than the tools adapting to them. This creates incredible friction in the product design process. We’re building something radically better and more advanced than anything seen before. And we can’t wait to share it with the world,

Matt Clannachan, CEO and co-founder of Flowstep, commented on the previous round.
  • Among the company’s users are Meta, Nubank, Paramount+, Spotify, and DoorDash. In May 2023, Flowstep was awarded with €600,000 under the Pitch Competition 2023. Additionally, in November 2023, the startup closed a pre-seed round at €755,000 led by Tera Ventures.
  • The current grant was provided by Enterprise Estonia, an organization with a purpose to promote business development throughout the country by contributing to innovation, internationalization and profiling. It was founded in 2000, its foreign representative offices are located in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Kyiv, Astana, Dubai, New Delhi, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, and New York City.

The startup will apply the fresh grant capital for “turbocharging” its AI and Design research efforts, as well as for team expansion.