Ukrainian military manufacturer Himera Radios is entering the international market

The Ukrainian military radio manufacturer Himera Radios has entered the global market, as announced in a Facebook post. Reticulate Micro, an American defense technology company, has become its partner and they have signed a distribution agreement in the US.

  • According to the agreement, Reticulate will become a supplier of Himera’s communications systems in the US and key global government customers.
  • In a comment to AIN, the co-founder of Himera Radios, Misha Rudominski, said that the partnership with Reticulate Micro is an opportunity to combine unique Ukrainian expertise, with all variations and application conditions, and the experience of a large company.

We realized that combining our practices would help make a much better product — both for the Ukrainian defense forces and for the global market. The distribution agreement provides an opportunity to generate additional funding and revenue, which on the one hand will go towards expanding the team and improving the technology, and will allow us to continue to maintain the minimum price that we fixed at the beginning on the Ukrainian market. And, of course, taxes in Ukraine and foreign exchange earnings,

Misha Rudominski says.
  • Also, the co-founder of Himera Radios shared that he expects significant revenues after entering the US market: “Potentially we are talking about millions, tens of millions of dollars and more in the long term.”
  • Currently, Himera Radios communication systems will be used by the military. However, cooperation with other industries is planned.

Currently, our main focus is the Defense Forces of Ukraine, that’s what we were created for. Creating products specifically for other markets is a dispersion of our attention, which is why we offer a product to the global market that is minimally different from what we do in Ukraine. However, over time, we plan to work with the police, ambulances, rescuers, and firefighters

Misha Rudominski added.
  • Previously, Himera Radios raised $525,000 in investment, which they planned to spend on increasing production and speeding up the release of new, higher-quality versions of products supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

About Himera Radios

The Himera Radios startup was founded in 2022 by Misha Rudominski and Oleksiy Oliynyk. The project was placed first in the IT Arena 2023 startup competition, which represents the defence tech direction and is held in partnership with the Startup Depot team. Lviv Business Incubator.

HIMERA is a universal secure communication system for civil and emergency applications. It can be used as part of an operational awareness system and it’s resistant to EW due to PPRC technology. HIMERA has the ability to easily set up with Bluetooth via smartphone without learning specialized programs.