UAH 25 million for Da Vinci Wolves. A massive fundraising for the battalion of the future

AIN in partnership with KOLO and Shields is launching a massive fundraising campaign to collect UAH 25 million for the purchase of technological equipment for the separate “Da Vinci Wolves” battalion.

Our goal is to provide the battalion with night vision and engagement equipment to have an advantage on the battlefield in all conditions. Destroy the enemy: day and night, on the ground and in the air. To find, eliminate, and win.

What are we fundraising for:

  • HOR wing complex — 1 unit;
  • Optical sights for large-caliber weapons — 5 units;
  • Mavic 3T thermal imaging drones — 20 units;
  • Night vision devices (PVS 14, etc.) — 30 units;
  • Thermal imagers and thermal imaging sights — 130 units;
  • Radios — 100 units.

The HOR complex will help our fighters conduct aerial reconnaissance at long distances — up to 150 km, 20 Mavic 3T thermal imaging drones will help adjust fire at night, PNB and thermal imagers will help attack aircraft to spot and destroy the enemy more effectively, and radios will help maintain stable communication in combat conditions.

Help the soldiers get one step closer to the battalion of the future — technological and devastating to the enemy.

The “Da Vinci Wolves” battalion named after Dmytro Kotsyubailo is a volunteer unit that has been defending the independence of Ukraine since 2014. They are a real fighting brotherhood that consistently and effectively destroys the Russian invaders.

Da Vinci Wolves
Dmytro “Da Vinci” Kotsyubailo, Hero of Ukraine, battalion commander who died in battle.
Photo: “Da Vinci Wolves”

Today it is one of the most experienced and effective combat units not only in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also in the world. Experience and skills, combined with the capabilities of the most modern weapons, bring the Ukrainian nation closer to victory every day.

Photo by “Da Vinci Wolves”

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the combat group “Da Vinci Wolves” became a battalion that officially entered the ranks of the Armed Forces. They took part in battles in Donetsk region: in Soledar, Berestovo, Serebrianka, Volodymyrivka, and Bakhmut; in the Luhansk region — in Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Bilohorivka, and Kreminna. They also took part in the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast — Balaklia, Izium, Kupiansk.