How Ukraine participated in TechChill 2024: results and winners

This year, TechChill, one of the largest technology conferences in the Baltics, has gathered more than 2,300 participants from 40 countries, including 600 startups, 250 investors, over 110 speakers, and more than 60 media outlets. Ukraine was represented at the event by a delegation of 10 startups.

The Ministry of Statistics of Ukraine shares the results of Ukrainian teams.

Results of the Ukrainian delegation at TechChill 2024:

  • Generect received an agreement for $1.8 million, agreed on integrations with two companies and expanded their network of partner contacts.
  • StackBooster held more than 15 meetings with investors and more than 40 product presentations.
  • Knopka met two business partners and an association of entrepreneurs. Now, they plans to enter the Latvian hospital market, and later on to other countries.
  • Uspacy conducted 12 meetings with investors, found 10 potential customers and attracted 2 partners.
  • GetOrder found a partner who will sell the service in Latvia.
  • held 16 meetings with investors, potential partners and customers.
  • Wantent held over 20 meetings with investors and several meetings with clients from Latvia.

This year, the Ukrainian delegation took part in the conference for the first time.

Who are the winners of TechChill 2024 Fifty Founders Battle:

  • Salesforge from Estonia won the prize of €150,000 as syndicate funding from and an additional €100,000 from DEPO Ventures;
  • FleetFox from Estonia secured a total of €75,000 in funding from and the Snap Inc. Excellence Award with €10,000 in advertising credit;
  • Silo Team from Sweden seizing a remarkable €250,000 investment opportunity from Look AI Ventures.
  • SUBmerge Baltic from Latvia received a €10,000 TechChill Community Cash Prize from Mintos, Lokalise, Gravity Team, eazyBI, TestDevLab;

Other finalists also received:

  • Sorsera — a fast track to startup academy by Genesis and Meta provided by TRMNL4;
  • Legal Nodes — 5,000 worth of outdoor advertising provided by JCDecaux Latvia;
  • FleetFox — a startup Brand Development Kit worth 5,000 provided by idealers;
  • RoboMed, Legal Nodes, EsaDres — Hero City at Draper University, Hero Program Tuition;
  • Sorsera,, eID Easy — €2,000 for product health checks from TestDevLab.

The Fifty Founders Battle received 388 applications from 57 countries, a record amount of applications from around the globe.