Estonian startup Salesforge secures $500k in a pre-seed funding

Salesforge, a Talinn-based startup developing an AI-copilot for sales execution, has secured $500,000 from, Spring Capital, and Fiedler Capital. The investment will be used to build its AI co-pilot in B2B sales, as the startup informed AIN.

  • Launched in January 2023 by Daniel Grek Sanchez CastellanosDovydas Volodko, and Frank Sondors, Salesforge is an all-in-one sales execution app used as AI co-pilot for small and large sales teams, augmented with AI agents, and even replacing sales teams in full.
    For now, Salesforge has two products — Salesforge, that crafts emails in any language with a focus on deliverability, while Mailforge provides the necessary infrastructure with domain and mailbox management.
  • Since the launch, Salesforge attracted over 800 customers across the US and EMEA growing to $1 million ARR in less than 10 months. Its team consists of four people.

We believe that the sales teams of tomorrow are going to be very lean and execution will be more programmatic, which will drive significant conversion lift across the sales funnel. Our approach combines a keen focus on multi source AI personalization with an eye for deliverability, which is underscored by a flexible, usage-based pricing model, solving the problem of bloated teams,

Frank Sondors, CEO and co-founder, commented.
  • The investment round saw participation from the Latvian, investing €50,000 — €250,000 tickets in early-stage startups from CEE, the Estonian Spring Capital, a venture capital firm that focuses in early-stage companies in the Nordics & CEE+, and the Hungarian VC firm Fiedler Capital, which recently joined a €1.1 million for Serbian startup Collabwriting. The private investor Maciej Zawadzinski also joined in the round.

The current funding round will fuel Salesforge’s growth to unlock new channels, enable autonomous capabilities together with CRM integrations.