Startup Wise Guys graduates 12 scaleups from its Growth Ukraine program

The Growth Ukraine Acceleration program by Startup Wise Guys, with participation from the EBRD and the Taiwan Business-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund, has informed AIN about the graduation of 12 Ukrainian scaleups over four months. The scaleups showcased their pitches in Warsaw.

About the Growth Ukraine program

  • The four-month acceleration initiative was designed for Ukrainian scaleups to amplify their business footprint in Europe and globally. The selected startups went through an elaborate program that included business diagnostics, intensive sprint weeks focused on performance, market engineering and product design, and guidance from coaching and mentoring.
  • On April 16, the programme’s official graduation event took place at the Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, where the startups presented their achievements. The event attracted 200 investors and founders from different countries. The stage also featured 15 international speakers and panelists, including Sharon S. N. Wu, Dan Meshulam, and Michał Kramarz.

This initiative has once again shown the resilience of Ukraine’s tech sector and its vital role in the country’s post-war recovery and reconstruction. We are very proud to assist talented Ukrainian entrepreneurs in unlocking new business opportunities, and we wish them success. We are grateful for the support of TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund, which has long aided our efforts to foster growth through innovation and private sector development across the EBRD region,

Alex Pivovarsky, Director of Capital and Financial Markets Development at EBRD, commented.

Winners of the program

12 chosen scaleups are mostly based in Ukraine, generate over €550,000 in monthly revenue, and have raised more than €2 million in funding. Among them are:

  • InVisionary Box, a SaaS solution offering AR-based gamified experiences to boost offline customer engagement. InVisionaryBox is a solution for customer engagement and brand awareness.
  • KYCaid, a startup developing automated document processing, data extraction, and validation based on internal computer vision algorithms and AI for document segmentation.
  • PLATMA, a platform that helps SMBs pass IT developers and automate business processes without IT skills.
  • Revisior, а feedback and NPS service that allows to collect feedback, process and analyze the level of service from each point of contact with clients, as well as to propose solutions to problems.
  • Spendbase, a platform for companies to optimize SaaS, cloud, and corporate card spending.
  • xTiles, the startup developing an all-in-one platform to help creators gather and process information in one place in a visual way.
  • BannerBoo, a tool to build ads for ad platforms and social media without coding.
  • BazaIT, an IT recruitment platform. It provides vacancies in IT companies, clear feedback, and a supportive community.
  • Effy AI, an AI-powered employee performance review and 360 feedback tool for teams and SMBs.
  • IntelSwift, a limitless no-code AI integration for businesses, including predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, data insights, and AI chatbots.
  • Knopka, an advanced call system for hospitals and care homes. It notifies nurses and helps them respond immediately.
  •, a tool to power business processes with AI Automation, tailored to organization’s context.

About Startup Wise Guys

Startup Wise Guys is one of the most active accelerator funds in Europe and Africa, with a portfolio of over 400 early-stage startups in B2B SaaS, fintech, cybersecurity, XR, sustainability, and other verticals. Since founding in 2012, has 15 exits from its investment portfolio. The firm is headquartered in Tallinn.