The first 14 startups to receive up to €10,000 in Seeds of Bravery grants

Seeds of Bravery, the Ukrainian project focused on supporting startups from Ukraine, named the first 14 grant recipients of the Innovative Services Support Program. They will receive grants of up to €10,000 each to support business plans and strategies.

The first cohort of winners of Seeds of Bravery. The Image features Bank of Memores, Catetech, HAIQU, LEZO, Progalit, Paxhelper, Optysun, GIOS Math Platform, Mantis Analytics, Metaenga, V-Art, Briller.House, Better Time Stories, and BeesAgainstMines.
Image: Seeds of Bravery

Here’s the list of Seeds of Bravery projects to receive grants:

  • Bank of Memories – it is a Saas platform for important memories and documents working on blockchain.
  • BeesAgainstMines – development of AI-powered technologies and robotic systems for contactless cleaning of contaminated land from dangerous objects.
  • Better Time Stories – an innovative platform blending storytelling with technology to enhance learning and cultural connection for children in Europe.
  • Briller.House creates a network of production hubs for fast delivery of beautiful, modern, comfortable and carbon-negative buildings.
  • Development of Caretech’s business plan to foster company’s growth – it is a Ukrainian healthtech start-up developing a solution for in-home remote patient monitoring (RPM) with the goal of fundamentally changing the way people manage their health.
  • Enhancement of Haiqu’s business plan to facilitate the company’s development – provide cooperation with the business consultants to improve the company’s business processes and develop a comprehensive business plan which will become a roadmap for the next 2 years.
  • GIOS Math Platform – is an interactive AI-powered Math platform and tutoring marketplace for К12 students and teachers.
  • LEZO is an AI-powered career platform that connects candidates and employers through skills-first approach.
  • Mantis Analytics – an AI-driven platform that conducts info-space listening in real-time and provides organizations with reliable and actionable data for both physical and informational risk management.
  • Metaenga — XR Training Platform is designed for industrial enterprises and educational institutions to empower global workforce development and workplace safety in energy sectors.
  • OptySun is a sustainable, technologically advanced, portable water purification system, utilizing solar powered, high efficiency filtration to provide clean drinking water.
  • Paxhelper is a support system for civil aviation authorities, customer centers optimizing operations and enabling informed decisions in dynamic aviation environments.
  • Progalit – Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) – automation of  treatment and  prevention of  kidney stone  disease.
  • V-Art is B2B SaaS tech to automate IP licensing for brands, creators and AI tools.

The Seeds of Bravery Innovation Services support program provides innovative tech SMEs, startups, and scale-ups with an opportunity to cover costs of the service  necessary to:

  • Develop a comprehensive business model that serves as a roadmap.
  • Create a dynamic business plan.
  • Design a growth strategy that sets clear goals and milestones.

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