Inside Innovecs:

freedom to create, grow and pursue hobbies

Innovecs is a global digital transformation tech company with offices in the US, UK, Israel, Australia, Poland, Georgia, Colombia, and Ukraine. For five consecutive years, Innovecs has been ranked in the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the US, as well as one of the best global outsourcing companies, according to IAOP.

The company's portfolio includes more than 60 completed projects, mainly in the fields of Supply Chain & Logistics, FinTech, Healthtech, AdTech, Software & Hightech, and Gaming.

The Innovecs team has excellent expertise in digital transformation and builds long-term relationships with clients. The professional and personal development of each innovecser is considered the key to the company’s growth. At Innovecs, special attention is paid to the team’s well-being — the corporate culture promotes active leisure, talent development, and spending time on hobbies and sports.

AIN.UA learned firsthand why team members appreciate the company, how they grow, and why they return to Innovecs. Here are five reasons.


Mentorship and support for newcomers

Easy onboarding at Innovecs is facilitated by an onboarding program that has a clear integration plan for a newcomer on all levels: team, department and position. Mykhailo Nazarenko, who joined the team as a Junior QA Manual, says that it was the support and advice of his colleagues that helped him overcome all the challenges at the start of his work at the company.
Mykhailo Nazarenko
Junior QA Manual

At first, everything was new and unknown for me, starting from setting up work accounts to the first meetings in English. I was worried before the first demo, and even wrote a script not to get lost in the tested functions. Now, all the tasks that used to make your knees shake have become a part of the usual work process.

I was very lucky that I didn't have to go through all the challenges on my own. At each stage, I could turn to a mentor, my team or even another team at Innovecs for advice. Thanks to this support, I now feel as a confident specialist who is not going to stop there.

For me, Innovecs is a company that is true to its values — “Innovate. Inspire. Care.” I would like to stay here forever, thanks to the people I work side by side with.


Growing together with the company

A career map can be developed for every specialist that requires following two directions: managerial or technological growth track.

Those who follow a vertical vector are working to grow to Tech- or Team-lead, Engineering Manager or Delivery Manager and there is no ceiling for career success.
Along the way, innovecsers have many opportunities: they can improve their technical skills or learn how to manage teams in internal training programs. 

Karyna Prykhodko who has been recently promoted from Junior Delivery Manager to Delivery Manager shares how her career in the company is developing.
Karyna Prykhodko
Delivery Manager

Fear paralyzes and often prevents you from expressing yourself and taking important steps in career development. I would like to advise everyone who has embarked on the leader’s path not to be afraid of responsibility. Wherever I was, I had a great desire to explore the unknown. To this day, I still continue to literally beg for new challenges — I totally get their value.

Also, it is pivotal to find senior colleagues to whom you can turn and come up with a question. In my work at Innovecs, Andrii Poddubnyi, Software Development Director, was and remains my role model. We worked very closely with him, and his managerial style sunk into my soul. Andrii's philosophy is that people are much more important than processes.

When guys approach me with some problems, I realize that my task is to do everything in my power to help. A good manager always feels when it is necessary to let a teammate recover and relieve one of the pressure of tasks and deadlines. Thanks to the advice of my experienced mentor, I realized how crucial it is to treat colleagues as human beings in the first place.

To ensure the exchange of experience and professional growth Innovecs is developing an Engineering Leadership Culture to help every innovecser achieve their ambitions, milestone goals and nurture their strong points. One of the company's goals is to help find and develop the talents of each teammate. Due to the constant advancement, Innovecs team has been successfully operating in markets that are swiftly changing and demanding knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. One of those ever-changing markets is gaming. The head of the Innovecs Games studio Oleksii Isaiev is sure that the company’s global development would be impossible without the development of its specialists.

For more than 7 years, Innovecs Games has been helping well-known game studios and brave startups to create innovative games. During this time, more than 200 projects were developed for clients from 15 countries. The portfolio includes products for the mobile games market leaders. 

Oleksii Isaiev
Head of Innovecs Games
VP of Delivery

The most valuable asset at Innovecs Games is our people. Hiring leaders from outside, cutting off the existing team's path for growth, is not our strategy, because one of the main goals of Innovecs Games is to develop each teammate and provide them with career prospects.

We want our teammates to grow, become experts, and lead the company’s directions. I truly believe that the most valuable thing a company can give to each team member is the knowledge that people take with them on their continuing career journey.


Projects for all tastes

Someone seeks a more peaceful life, someone is used to night shifts on support, someone loves to create games or develop architecture from scratch.

No matter what role suits you, Andrii Poddubnyi is sure that at Innovecs you will find a project and team to your liking.
Andrii Poddubnyi
Software Development Director

We have projects that are like a startup in spirit, but also there are more conservative teams. Everything depends on the specific client, but for a classy specialist, we will always find an atmosphere that will suit his or her soul.

One of the new products is an NFT trading platform with game mechanics, where users will be able to collect NFT cards of football players licensed by the English Premier League FIFA. Our team will develop it from design to implementation: we will build the platform and design the architecture of the site and the game.

Another example of the project, which we are creating from scratch, is in the field of Supply Chain. This is a high-load application that is actively developing because new features are added to it all the time. This project will be perfect for those who like challenges, both on the front end and back end.

How to join the Innovecs team

You can also become part of the company. Responding to the demand for digital technologies around the world, Innovecs is opening development hubs in Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America and is actively looking for new talent to strengthen its teams.

The list of job openings includes positions in Java, .NET, DevOps, Unity, Full-Stack areas, as well as other career growth opportunities for engineers in various projects.

Want to know more about open positions?
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Burnout prevention, networking, and rest at InnoClub

If life turns into a routine — sleep-work-sleep, then burnout is not far off. However, Olha Havlytska assures us that as long as everything regarding our well-being is right, the team will not complain about exhaustion.

Innovecs is always one step ahead in this matter, creating all the conditions for a balance. It's not just about health insurance or team building, the company also cares about the team's leisure and hobbies.
Recently InnoClub has been recognized by Ragan & PR Daily global award program and became the finalist of the Employee Communications Award in the Employee Well-Being Program category.
Olha Havlytska
Community Relations Coordinator в InnoClub by Innovecs

Not only team members are responsible for their well-being, but also the company. And when a business motivates us to not only improve our work performance and grow professionally but also to develop personally, that's great. Each person has a thing that inspires and recharges — dancing, running, reading books, drawing or travelling.

Our corporate culture encourages combining work with hobbies.

To make Innovecs specialists happier, the company is actively developing more than 12 communities of interest, united under the InnoClub. Running marathons, playing table or big tennis, doing fitness or mastering chess, getting to know mindfulness or trying fly yoga — you can do all that in the company of like-minded people.

Sergiy Khandogin
Chief Technology Officer

Team initiatives are valuable to me. For example, mentorship program or communities of interest. Communities provide an opportunity to socialize, engage in hobbies, and find friends in the company. All this creates the most favourable basis for communication, which is personal and friendly, and not purely formal. Dialogue takes place at different levels, between different projects, both during the work process and outside of work. Mentoring in teams, helping each other, and sharing experiences — these are the company's values.

Some InnoСlub communities are also open for other than team members. For example, Running Community invites every tech specialist to participate in training.



Developers who actively participate in the creation of TikTok videos are not a fantasy but a reality at Innovecs. Rostyslav Kylymchuk is sure that the secret of success here is in joint creativity.
Rostyslav Kylymchuk
Senior Software Engineer (Java)

Generating content on TikTok is very different from my main activity. It activates other areas of the brain and helps to use its full potential. In addition, I have always liked humour, so here I am engaging in my hobby.

The creation of a new video takes place in three stages. First, the idea of a joke is born. Then, together with colleagues, we polish ideas in the process of discussion. This stage is a separate art form because we have a very cool team — open-minded people with an incredible sense of humor, dedicated to the idea of creating something worthy of attention.

Last, but not least, is the process of filming, posting the video, and enjoying the results. Seeing hundreds of thousands of views, thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments is a real pleasure. The stories of teammates who learned about Innovecs thanks to our TikTok and started their careers in the company are even more inspiring.

Are you looking for not only a job but also for a dynamic atmosphere and a close-knit team? Do you aspire to not only improve your work skills but also to have time and space for self-development? If so, there is every chance that you will find your dream job at Innovecs.

If you feel that the company's values and approaches agree with yours, do not hesitate to apply for one of our open positions.

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