Electric car rapid chargers installed along Kyiv-Lviv and Kyiv-Odesa highways, offer 250 km range in 20 min

A network of charging station Strum managed by DTEK went beyond Kyiv. New charges were installed on two highways: Kyiv-Lviv and Kyiv-Odesa.

Locations of chargers are available in official Strum app. Currently, locations are shown as inactive, but according to Autogeek they are up and running. Strum network also announced the official kickoff on FB.

The distance between stations does not exceed 120 km, and their power output is 50 kW. According to the founder of Tesla Club Ukraine Nazar Shimone-David, this will allow you to quickly charge a modern electric car for 250 km range in about 20 minutes.

Stations will be equipped with the following connectors: CCS, CHAdeMO 50 kW, CCS Combo2 50 kW, and 22 kW Type 2 socket.

Strum kicked off in July 2018. First 8 stations were installed in Kyiv. Cost of charging is Hr 9 per 1 kWh. In its first year, motorists had over 40k charging sessions.