Coffeedesk completes a crowdfunding campaign and raises over $500k

All Good SA, the parent company of Coffeedesk, has collected over $500,000 during its crowdfunding campaign on the 541 investors have supported the company by acquiring all 112,000 series B shares, writes MamStartup.

CEO of Coffeedesk Łukasz Wichłacz

Coffeedesk is a distributor of coffee- and tea-related products in Poland with worldwide delivery. Its range of products includes more than 3,000 items from over 150 brands. 

As the company’s Sales Director Jacek Gardzielik claimed, Coffeedesk would invest $230,000 into the implementation of B2C e-commerce platform, and over $120,000 for the development of the B2B platform. The company is also planning to create a coffee subscription for individual and business customers. The amount of this investment stands at over $76,000.

Moreover, Coffeedesk’s future plans include the development of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe directions. According to the CEO of Coffeedesk Łukasz Wichłacz, the share of foreign sales currently amounts to 32%. A record sales dynamics is in Finland, Denmark and the Czech Republic.