MacPaw launches Setapp for iOS. 8 apps are already available

Setapp, a subscription service, developed by the Ukrainian company MacPaw, now includes iOS apps. Representatives of the company informed AIN.UA about the launch.

iOS apps in Setapp

The list includes popular Setapp applications, among them are:

  • Ulysses, writing app and markdown editor;
  • Paste, a cloud clipboard manager and time-reliever;
  • Gemini Photos, an app that quickly cleans up the photo mess;
  • Taskheat, an application for task management;
  • SQLPro Studio, macOS database management system;
  • Mind Node, a visualization tool for your ideas;
  • PDF Search, an AI-powered text search inside PDF documents;
  • 2Do, a task manager.

Most likely, the list of applications will be expanded.

How it works

  • To use the Setapp apps, you have to register your iPhone or iPad. You can do it in the “My Devices” section.
  • For each extra device, customers will have to pay an additional $4.99/month.
  • The minimum system requirement for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) is iOS 10.3 or newer. The iOS version will also be available during a free trial week.
  • After adding a new device, you must open Setapp on macOS and select “Available on iOS” from the menu on the left.
  • In the list of available applications, select the app you want to install and click on “iOS application.” A QR code will appear on the screen and you have to scan it using your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then the AppStore opens, where you can install the application.
  • As a result of successful installation and activation, you will receive a notification on your macOS device.

It is noteworthy that mobile applications are not available to team subscription users. The Setapp team has specified that it is working on improving this tariff plan.

About Setapp

Setapp is a subscription-based macOS application service launched in 2017. For $9.99/month, the user gets access to 190 applications. All application updates in Setapp are free.

“Today, we’re excited to provide the option for people to use their favorite applications on their mobile devices wherever they are. We are confident that this will open up new opportunities for productivity improvement and task fulfillment,” Oleksandr Kosovan, founder and CEO of Setapp, commented on the launch of iOS versions.