Ajax Systems shows air quality sensors working on KORSA “smart” windows

Ukrainian company Ajax Systems and window manufacturer KORSA announced a joint product: KORSA Comfort “smart” windows that work together with Ajax LifeQuality air quality sensors. The company informed AIN.UA.

  • KORSA Comfort windows are “smart” windows that can be controlled from a smartphone and work with “smart” home systems. This solution is combined with the Ajax LifeQuality air quality sensor that measures temperature, humidity level, and carbon dioxide (CO2) level.
  • If the user sets the norm for these indicators in the application, the sensor sends a signal, and windows are automatically opened for safe ventilation.
  • An increased level of carbon dioxide can lead to apathy, drowsiness, headaches, etc. So, if the user sets the CO2 rate in the room on the level 1000 ppm, the sensor detects this level, and the windows will open for ventilation of 6 mm automatically, around the perimeter of the entire sash. As soon as the CO2 level drops to normal, for example, 700 ppm, the windows will automatically close.
  • You can see how it will work in the video:

To date, at the end of 2023, the Ajax company held a large presentation of several new products. In particular, LifeQuality is a professional indoor air quality monitor measuring CO2, temperature, and humidity levels. It is equipped with Swiss and Swedish sensors used in medical equipment. Users can see the current indicators, the history for several days, a week, a month, a year, and understand the dynamics of air quality.

The company also introduced the LightSwitch product, which helps control various lighting devices both on-site and remotely, and WaterStop, a remote-controlled water shut-off faucet. It helps build a fully automated anti-flood system.

Earlier, we also wrote about launching Ajax Systems’ first foreign factory in Turkey.