Ukrainian edtech Mate academy launches an office in Brazil

Mate academy, an international edtech startup founded in Ukraine, has started expansion into Latin America by launching a representative office in Brazil. The company’s representatives shared the news with AIN.Capital.

  • Founded in 2015 and based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Mate academy operates in a unique business model, founded upon an Income Share Agreement. Under this framework, students can study programming for free and are given support in their job search endeavors. In return, once employed, they commit to allocating 12% of their monthly salary for three years.
  • In Brazil, the company will provide all learning materials on the platform in the Portuguese language. Right from the outset, students gain access to Frontend and Full-stack technologies.

“Recognizing the potential of the Latin America market marks the next phase of our international journey to Brazil. After Mate academy was honored by Google for Startups as a Rising Star startup and Mate academy expanded in Poland, we are ready to be a companion on the journey towards the first IT job for Brazilians,”

Roman Apostol, CEO, and co-founder of Mate academy, ex-team lead at Google, says.
  • In November 2022, the company launched an office in Poland, following an investment round in November 2021, when Mate academy raised $1.9 million from Wise, Teleport, Pipedrive, and Bolt.
  • Recently, in June 2023, the company launched its second product aimed at e-commerce clients — Cusbo.

Mate academy’s goal is to help a million people worldwide build their careers in Tech. With established offices in Ukraine and Poland, Mate academy has scaled operations worldwide. As of 2023, nearly 3000 students have been employed successfully from around the globe, including the UK, South Africa, Asia, and Europe.