I Am U Are launches online store. It sells Ukrainian-made goods in the US

I Am U Are, a project about Ukraine’s creative economy in the United States, has launched its online store to sell local goods from Ukrainian brands and artists. The news was first reported by The Village Ukraine.

I Am U Are website
  • Customers can find such brands like Bevza, Brua, Haluzka, Nadiia, Sofika Ceramics, The Mapico, Gushka, Hutsul Avtentyka, Yakush Tableware, and others in a special section of the website, here.
  • Currently, I Am U Are lists 26 brands and is in cooperation with over 120 brands.
  • I Am U Are began as an exhibition featuring Ukrainian brands that presented Ukraine and its creative economy to the American community. The first event took place in the spring of 2023 in New York, while the second exhibition is planned for December in Los Angeles.

“Our goal is to show that modern Ukraine is full of smart, young, and beautiful people; that Ukrainian culture, technology, art, and design have always been here and will remain here,”

I Am U Are says.
  • Customers can pay for their orders with a credit card. Delivery to the USA will be carried out within 3 business days.
I Am U Are Vase