SPINAKER alfa invests in RBHR to build employee benefits recommender

The Polish SPINAKER alfa fund has invested in RBHR to support the development of its solution in the HR/ICT area. RBHR is building a personalized employee benefits tool, tailored to specific situations and needs, MamStartup reports.

  • The tool’s algorithms developed by RBHR are based on detailed data descriptions of the financial and family situation of employees and their choice for non-wage benefits. Essentially, it facilitates the selection of benefits and contributes to the current use of benefits.

“The organization of the benefits market in Poland has changed. Employees receive cash (or its equivalents) to spend freely, for example, in a cafeteria. However, the level of use of these funds throughout the year is low despite the increasing need for financial support. The pressure on remuneration related to the economic crisis is increasing, and companies are not and will not be able to cope with it,”

Iwona Grochowska, Member of the Management Board of RBHR, comments.
  • Neither company nor the fund have disclosed the exact amount of invested capital. However, the round was carried out as part of the BRIdge Alfa program, co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development.

Earlier in September, SPINAKER alfa invested in another startup, Better Egg, a Polish company bringing a vegan alternative to egg products.