Polish startup SERio secures over €200k from COBIN Angels

Polish startup SERio has secured around €222,000 (PLN 1 million) in a round backed by business angels from COBIN Angels, Adam Radzki and Daniel Urban. The startup produces plant-based cheeses, MamStartup reports.

  • SERio is a family company founded by Monika and Michał Gaszyński. The couple came up with the idea for plant-based cheese while traveling the southern coast of Portugal. There, they tried a popular beer snack with a slight cheese flavor made from the lupine plant and decided to make vegan cheese out of it.
SERio secures €222k
Monika and Michał Gaszyński. Image: SERio
  • To develop the product, SERio went through the Foodtech.ac acceleration program, where the team fully realized the potential of such cheeses, even to be found on food shelves in stores. In order to scale the production, Monika and Michał are planning to plant the lupine culture in Poland the following spring.
  • Some angel investors from COBIN Angels, Adam Radzki and Daniel Urban, saw the potential, too, deciding to invest €222,000 in the idea. COBIN Angels is a business angel community that provides early-stage investment to startups and new tech. The organization was founded in 2015 and is based in Warsaw, Poland
  • Thanks to the funding, the team can further develop recipes for plant cheeses, as well as expand their market reach, cooperating with small and chain stores in Poland.