Polish startup Teleradius secures €337k from Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

Wrocław-based startup Teleradius has secured around €337,000 (PLN 1.5 million) from Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and a private investor, Maciej Woźniczak. The investment will enable easier access to diagnostic imaging services helping both health facilities and patients, MamStartup reports.

  • Teleradius develops a teleradiology platform that helps medical facilities and doctors quickly obtain descriptions of imaging tests, shortening the time needed for diagnosis and accelerating the implementation of treatment in patients.
  • The startup’s co-founders Agnieszka Krysmann and Rafał Kazimierczuk are experienced professionals from the healthcare sector. The team is currently working on implementing AI models that can contribute to an actual increase in the efficiency of radiological descriptions and their precision.

“The number of imaging tests performed in Poland is constantly growing, and medical facilities have a virtually unlimited demand for services related to their descriptions. So we are convinced that this is the right time to enter the market with our service,”

Agnieszka Krysmann, CEO of Teleradius, comments.
  • Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder, a venture capital fund and an experienced venture builder, is one of the lead investors alongside a private investor, Maciej Woźniczak. The fund invests in early-stage projects focused on innovative industries and emerging technologies. It is part of the Pathfinder Group, which made a total of over 60 investments, with more than 40 current projects in the portfolio.
  • The investment in Teleradius is aimed at improving access to diagnostic imaging services and supporting health facilities and patients in Poland.