Ukrainian entrepreneur challenges traffic fine with AI and wins a 75% reduction

When Oleksandr Gamaniuk, a Ukrainian tech entrepreneur currently residing in the U.S., received a speeding ticket, he was faced with a complex challenge. With no previous knowledge of how to fight fines and awareness that lawyers could charge a hefty fee without any guaranteed outcomes, Oleksandr was at a crossroads. However, his technical acumen prompted him to explore a unique approach to address his predicament. Using AI.

The paper trail automation with the help of AI

Rather than conceding to the fine, Oleksandr saw an opportunity to put his technical skills to the test. He wrote a script that took advantage of Google’s image-to-text API, converting the image of his speeding ticket into a textual format. Subsequently, the script leveraged the ChatGPT API’s capabilities to understand the purpose behind each field of the TR-205 form, a California legal form for contesting citations, and to fill it in automatically with the relevant data.

Oleksandr elaborated on the process:

“I developed a script that used Google’s image-to-text API to transform the photo of my speeding ticket into editable text. Then, I employed the ChatGPT API to discern the intent of the TR-205 form fields and to autonomously populate the form with accurate information.”

This innovative application of AI tools significantly streamlined the process, allowing Oleksandr to not only submit the form accurately but also to craft a detailed and persuasive argument for reducing his fine.

Was it worth it?

Indeed, it was. The fine was ultimately reduced by 75%.

“Today brought the court’s response. Although I was still found guilty, the fine was reduced to $110,” said Oleksandr.

This reduction was the result of his clear and compelling written declaration and meticulous attention to detail in filling out the TR-205 form. In the past, such tasks would require the costly services of specialized lawyers. Now, AI can handle them in a fraction of the time.

A pioneering approach with AI

As the founder of BOTMAKERS, one of the pioneering companies to receive access to the ChatGPT API, Oleksandr had a strong foundation for this endeavor. His company has already created over 25 ChatGPT plugins, displaying Oleksandr’s extensive experience with the ChatGPT API and its integration.

Harnessing this expertise, Oleksandr developed a straightforward application named InstaFill. This new app, available for free, simplifies the process of filling PDF forms by utilizing uploaded information. Building on this innovation, Oleksandr aims to expand its capabilities by developing a ChatGPT plugin that offers the same functionality.

Why it matters?

Oleksandr’s story sheds light on the potential of AI as a tool for legal assistance. It demonstrates that one doesn’t need to be a legal expert or a proficient English speaker to manage the intricacies of the legal system. AI technology, particularly the ChatGPT API, is equipping individuals with the ability to tackle legal challenges head-on, filling out complex forms, and ensuring their arguments are heard.

In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, technology is the key to turning unfamiliarity into empowerment. Oleksandr’s success clearly indicates that with the aid of modern tools, anyone can navigate through legal obstacles and secure a fair outcome. His experience serves as an inspiration to embrace AI and its burgeoning role in everyday challenges. The future of AI is not just on the horizon—it is here, offering solutions and support for those ready to explore its vast capabilities.

AI vs traffic fine - 1

In June 2023, AIN.Capital informed that two ChatGPT plugins, developed by a Ukrainian team led by Oleksandr Gamaniuk, were included in OpenAI‘s official plugin catalog.