Mebster, FRONTIER, and WakeZ are among the winners of EIT Health InnoStars 2023

Recently, the EIT Health InnoStars Grand Final of 2023 was held in the city of Milan. Seven finalists were announced as the recipients of smart money to launch or develop their healthtech-dedicated products during several stages of the competition. Romanian startups Frontier and WakeZ, as well as the Czech startup Mebster are among them.

EIT Health InnoStars of 2023
Image: EIT Health InnoStars of 2023

The winners of the InnoStars Awards final pitch competition are:

  • €25,000 — Orgavalue, a Portugal-based biotechnology startup developing new human organs using bioengineering technology.
  • €15,000 — BEAT Therapeutics: a Portugal-based pharmaceutical startup leveraging DNA Damage Response (DDR) to deliver targeted and resistance-defying therapeutics against hard-to-treat cancers.
  • €10,000 — D-Sight, a Spain-based startup developing an eye drop formulation for the prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy in its early stages.

The startups voted to receive the InnoStars Community Award:

  • €25,000 — Mebster, a Czech Republic-based support medical care provider developing a passive exoskeleton that enables people with partial or complete loss of function of the lower limbs to walk again.
  • €15,000 — Frontier Management Consulting, a Romania-based company who presented an innovative bioinformatics platform meticulously developed for the early diagnosis of bronchopulmonary and colorectal cancer.
  • €10,000 — Luca Health, a UK-based startup specialized in mental health screening and symptom identification in elite sports.

The winner of the public voting to receive the InnoStars Community Award:

  • WakeZ, a Romania-based startup developing a digital pill and digital biomarker for disruptive treatment of depression.

Apart from the winners, the Ukrainian startup Pleso Therapy, developing a platform for online psychotherapy, also took part in the final competition of the EIT Health InnoStars 2023 event.