Polish AI startup MIM Fertility raises $2M in a seed round

Ochota-based AI startup MIM Fertility has raised $2 million in a seed funding round to develop its breakthrough technology dealing with infertility treatment using artificial intelligence. The investment was made by Tangent Line and Peleton, My Company Polska reports.

Founded in 2019 by PhD Piotr Wygocki and Ula Sankowska, the startup originated from the Faculty of MIM (Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw). The team is creating AI products that revolutionize the reproductive medicine sector with the help of their software platforms EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN.

  • FOLLISCAN automatically counts and measures follicles based on ultrasound examination. It can predict when the patient should be scheduled for egg retrieval.
  • EMBRYOAID automatically ranks and identifies the most promising embryos based on an extensive collection of time-lapse images. The algorithm learns from films and images of embryos to recognize the process of their maturation and, with perfect precision, to select which embryo has the best prognosis to develop into a pregnancy.

Who invested in MIM Fertility

Tangent Line is one of the investors. It is a Warsaw-based venture capital firm that provides capital and business partners for industrial technology startups. The firm has recently invested in another Polish startup, Envirly. Peleton, a Warsaw-based VC firm, also participated in the round.

“We are excited about the opportunities this investment opens up for us, especially when it comes to scaling our solutions and expanding our presence on the global infertility treatment market,”

Ula Sankowska, Co-founder of MIM Fertility, comments.

Thanks to the latest investment, the startup plans to intensify its research and developmental activities, continuing cooperation with leading institutions and experts in the field of reproductive medicine.